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made with legal

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100% legal hemp.

Third-party lab

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The HALF BAK'D Assurance

At HALF BAK'D, we believe in complete transparency. It's not just about delivering
top-quality hemp products; it's about ensuring you know exactly what you're
getting. Every product we offer undergoes rigorous third-party lab testing,
ensuring its purity, potency, and adherence to legal standards.

At HALF BAK'D, We Believe
In Complete Transparency.
It's Not Just About Delivering
Top-Quality Hemp Products;
It's About Ensuring You
Know Exactly What You're
Getting. Every Product We
Offer Undergoes Rigorous
Third-Party Lab Testing,
Ensuring Its Purity, Potency,
And Adherence To Legal

❤️Pure Passion

We're not just hemp enthusiasts;
we're full-blown fanatics.

🛡️Quality is king

Every product is a pledge to our
obsession with excellence.

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Unique flavors that turn every bite or
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Transparent practices and third-party
lab tests for peace of mind.

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made it effortlessly smooth.

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The favorites that make hemp happen. Check out the top Picks from HALF BAK'D!