Pioneering the Future of Hemp Excellence

At HALF BAK'D, we're setting new standards in the hemp industry, combining innovation, quality, and a commitment to excellence. We're reshaping the hemp landscape with our unique product lines, designed exclusively for vape and smoke shops across the United States.

Our mission is to deliver an unmatched selection of premium hemp products, crafted to meet the evolving needs and preferences of today's consumers.


Unmatched Innovation and Quality in Every Product

Our journey in redefining the hemp experience began with the launch of our trailblazing THCa disposables and cartridges. These products have quickly become benchmarks in the industry for their purity, potency, and consumer satisfaction.


Unwavering commitment to crafting safe, natural, and potent products using finest hemp strains.

Why HALF BAK'D? At the heart of our brand lies an unwavering dedication to excellence. Our team is committed to crafting products that are not just safe, natural, and potent but also consistent and reliable. Using only the finest hemp strains, we adhere to the highest manufacturing standards, ensuring every product meets our stringent quality criteria.

Whether you're a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or just beginning your journey, HALF BAK'D promises an experience that stands out. From the careful selection of ingredients to the meticulous manufacturing process, trust that every step is taken with your satisfaction and well-being in mind. Elevate your experience with HALF BAK'D—where trust and quality converge to deliver excellence.

Elevate Your Hemp Experience

  • Premium Quality

    Only the Best Buds, Premium Hemp

  • Legal Hemp Source

    Totally Legal, Totally Legit Hemp

  • Trusted Transparency

    All Ingredients Lab-Tested with Crystal-Clear Clarity

  • Diverse Selection

    From Birthday Cake to Wild Watermelon, we got you covered.