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The taste is amazing. Love these gummies

Local vape store buy

This **** is fire!! Just got a second one.

Slow delivery but good gummie

Took over 2 weeks to get but the end product is on taste sux all fksvirs as expected it's potent

Two thumbs up

They deliver bang for your buck. Well worth the price


Best gummies out.

A state-of-the-art vaping device and a super smooth experience!

Great flavor and price!

This is my daytime vape. I love the flavor and hard to beat the price.

Sumo Gummies
A Tucker
Soooo good 😋

These little gummies are the best!

Good taste, good high, clogs fast

The product itself is great. Nice mix of a head high and body buzz. Exactly what you want in a hybrid. Only took a star away because these carts clog so fast. This is my 2nd cart I've bought and they both got annoyingly clogged where I'd have to suck so hard my damn gums would bleed. That or heat it up with a lighter. Other than that it's a good

Hawaiian Snow

This cart is amazing. It has a very smooth pull to it and a great flavor after exhale. Love half bakd products 💯🔥

Really consistent

Probably the best consistent high I've gotten from edibles. The taste is a little waxy tho but other than that these are perfect. I usually take half to a whole one and I have yet to have a bad high.

Very dope

Makes me float like crazy g. Will def be buying again.

Brace yourself...IT HITS QUICK

I was a little skeptical with trying these out. I wasn't sure if it was going to taste good, one. Two, I'm usually only a gummies person and stay away from cookies or pastry like edibles. But THIS ONE didn't disappoint at all. It taste just like a smores; I also got a good kick when it hit after 20 minutes of taking it. I love it and will definitely be trying the other flavors

The FOCUS you need!

This was by far the best preroll I've ever had. I am a heavy day puffer; and sometimes it's hard to still function when I am up there. These were so helpful at combating that lazy feeling. I felt high AND I was still able to function, and focus better on my daily tasks. A staple for me now!

Diamonds are forever

Great sauce to add to my smoke


Get rdy for a ride

Yup they work

I’m a daily toker and at first didn’t feel these when I blazed beforehand but when I ate one without blazing I definitely felt it although extremely delayed - 1-2 hours.

Angel Food is hard to replicate

The taste is not an exact match, but close enough that you get the idea. The high is good, though. If you're looking for a steady buzz in a just a couple hits, this is it!

Great taste!

My favorite flavor from my favorite brand! These gummies go down easy, and give you that buzz you’re hoping for!

Calming, relaxing

Still haven’t received it yet

I put my order in 2 weeks ago and still have NOT recieved it! I want my money back!

Hadsny arrive? No feedback?

To be fair, usps shows the package was shipped.... But has been sitting at USPS 'pending acceptance' since the 14th (Today is the 28th) without status change. They (half bak'd) have ignored or not seen my emails asking for updates. Needless to say, not impressed. Note, I am well aware they are asking for a review of a product I've not received, but since they asked me to review, maybe this will get their attention?

they're GREAT!

they're Great!


Wasnt potent to me like other ones i tried from here. Clogged and leaked after 10 hits. Waste threw it out.